Krychowiak: We have demonstrated we can win the title

Lokomotiv midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak has been named the best player of the game against Zenit (1:0).

- Today we have demonstrated we want to and we can win the title.

- You won every tackle today. Was it the team’s mindset?

- We won due to a good play in defense. Everyone played for everyone, like with Bayer. When we play like this we can beat anyone.

- Did the cancellation of Smolov’s goal add motivation?

- Yes, we were better in the second half. In the first there were few opportunities, in the second half we started to use counter-attacks and created more chances. Smolov’s case added power.

- Your shot at the near corner – was it a purposeful attempt to create problems for Lunyov?

- No, I didn’t think about anything. Just had a go. You need to make attempts to score goals.

- VAR decided the outcome today.

- I didn’t see either episode. There could have been a minor foul in the first one. In the second, all guys said the attacking player handed the ball. So the decision was right.

- You speak great Russian. What’s the secret of success?

- I study with a tutor. And of course, I’m learning myself.

пресс-служба ФК «Локомотив»
28 September 2019 21:59