Zaur Khapov press-conference after the draw against Sochi

The press conference of FC Lokomotiv head coach Zaur Kharpov after the away match against Sochi (2:2)

– So, how was the match? Do you like it? (laughs) To be honest, I've never thought that head coaches have the risk of little heart attack. For me, this is the first game of this kind of risk. As for the game, I did not like the fact that the team started the match in such unorganized manner again. There were mistakes. Things could go even worse. But in the second half we reorganized a bit and played pretty good.

– There was an incedient with double sends off. What do you think about that?
– To be honest, I have not seen the ending of the episode, when someone hooked someone. I saw only the foul and the bickering. Well, it is all about the emotions and not about the game. However I tend to think some rude phrase, something verbal was the reason of the arguing. I did not see the ending, and I did not see who hurt whom.

FC Lokomotiv press service // LOKO TV
17 April 2022 19:30