Captain stays with us!

In his interview for LOKO TV Guilherme spoke about the signing of a new agreement with FC Lokomotiv. He also talked about the role of Lokomotiv and our fans in his life.

We decided everything at once. I think the club and I are both happy. I trust our management and I know that here I am surrounded by good and trustworthy people.

Almost my entire career has been dedicated to FC Lokomotiv. I came here very young. And even though it’s kind of early to talk about it, I still have to plan my future, and actually I don’t really like to plan so far.

Of course, it is my dream to end my career at the club which gave me so much. And now I am not talking only about the football, but about the life. I used to say that our club is my second home. Now I can put it like that: the club is my home. I have been here for so many years. I have been playing at this stadium and I have been surrounded by the support of our fans. They have always been with me all my life, all this time. They were with me in the most difficult moments and in the good ones. Thus, I am very happy to stay here for another two years. I hope that everything will be fine with all of us.

FC Lokomotiv press-service // LOKO TV
23 May 2022 21:35

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