Wilson Isidors's interview after the match against Spartak

The post-match commentary by Isidor Wilson, the author of Loko’s winning goal of the match against Spartak — in the video by LOKO TV.

— I managed to score four goals in four matches, it's true. It is the result of my hard work. It was not easy the whole week during the trainings, but I trained well. These goals today are my reward for efforts, for work, for good preparation. But this is not the end. I have scored four goals and I’m not going to stop. I have very big plans — I want to score more.

— In the second half of the match, Lokomotiv has showed a different game and deservedly won. What made it possible to improve the game so much?
— I think that in the first half the weather conditions made it difficult for us, there was a lot of snow. We couldn't play our own football, especially when we trying to play with short passes. In the second half, the quality of the pitch was much better and we were able to show our skills. I think that's why we have won. We couldn't resist Spartak in the first half as we would like, but in the second we succeeded.
I scored the goal in the end of the match. In the match like this, I perceive my goal as a big bonus  it's very nice.

— Can you tell us more about the goal: how did you score, who assisted?
— Alexis Beka Beka moved the ball to me with one touch. And I have received the ball in the position where I practice shots during every training. Nothing out of the ordinary — I’ve just done my job. I’ve just made a twisted shot under the far post. I am very happy and happy that I scored because it is a reward for my work.

FC Lokomotiv Press Service // LOKO TV
03 April 2022 14:00