Guilherme: Tomorrow is the most important match of the season

Lokomotiv goalkeeper Marinato Guilherme discussed the upcoming match against Salzburg in the Champions League.

- You missed the last round of the RPL. Did this pause help you regain energy?

- I think yes. We have a difficult schedule, and this break will give emotions and help to concentrate on tomorrow's match. Tomorrow's game is key, the most important of the season. The team understands this. Hopefully we will come on the pitch with confidence and discipline. We already played against Salzburg, we know their strengths, we know what needs to be done on the pitch. I hope everything will work out and we will win.

- What was your reaction to your substitution in the game for the Russian national team against Serbia?

- This is past. The most important game is tomorrow, and that's all I think about.

пресс-служба ФК «Локомотив»
30 November 2020 13:42