'If it's not hard, it's not a training camp'

Head coach Miodrag Bozovic gave a flash-interview after the game against Dinamo Bucharest.

- I can say we looked good today, - said Bozovic. - We had many opportunities, and unfortunately we couldn't capitalize on all of them. We could have won with a bigger score, in the first half there were four fat chances. The problem with finishing is not new, we're working on it. Today's game was okay.

I let the back four play full time and I think they coped with the game's pace and looked good. I think I will let other players show themselves in the next games.

Vice-captain Roman Shishkin also shared his impression of the game.

- It's always nice to win even in exhibition games, - said the fullback. - But still the main objective here is to get ready for the championship. We're not in our best shape so far but it's important that we were able to score and win. The opponents were tough and motivated. It was hard, but if it's not hard, it's not a training camp, and such games are the best tester for your form.

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