Corluka: Blame myself for ejection

Lokomotiv’s captain Vedran Corluka summarized the game with Besiktas (1:1) and spoke of his dismissal.


- What actually preceded that ejection?

- A stupid thing actually. I made a mistake and blame only myself – I succumbed to the provocation. It's good that the guys carried the fight till the final whistle.

- According to pundits, Lokomotiv produce an organized performance while the Turkish play is based on aggressiveness. Could you say they got us entangled?

- No, it was my fault. The first half was not good enough, but the second proved quite exciting. We played wide open and created many chances. Our fans should be delighted.

- In case of a draw, you never know for sure whether you are glad or sorry - which one?

- Glad, I think. Given the fact that for the remaining time we were left one man down, which is always hard… My thanks again to the team for fighting it out!

- Sporting defeated Skenderbeu. What can you tell of the competition for the right to advance to the next stage of the tournament?

- It is going to be tough. If we had won today, we would have been much better off. But it’s one all. The struggle is not over.

- There were big crowds supporting both sides today. Did you feel anything special in the air?

- The atmosphere was ideal. Wish we could carry it along into the coming Monday – only with less fans showing up for Rostov than there was for Besiktas.

пресс-служба ФК «Локомотив»
23 October 2015 01:05