Training Base

Lokomotiv's first training base was located in Kosino — a few kilometers southeast of Moscow. In the middle 70th, Lokomotiv moved to Bakovka village near Moscow (around 6 km to west of Russian capital).

According to the veterans of the club, Bakovka was represented by only a few wooden hostels. It was a very windy place. Players had a rest in one of those buildings. In the another building there was a canteen and a billiard table.

In 2000, there was a full-scale reconstruction of the Bakovka training base, and the whole complex has a modern look.

The base in Bakovka is filled with memories and triumphs of Loko's victories. Our team often celebrated its success at this base. Fun fact: in 2002, after the first championship, South African defender Jacob Lekgetho climbed onto the roof of the base cuddling the championship cup.