Jose Couceiro: “In the last two games referees worked against Lokomotiv”

Jose Couceiro: “In the last two games referees worked against Lokomotiv”
After the match against Anzhi Jose Couceiro has answered on journalist questions.

- Lokomotiv started the game well, but in the second part of the first half we had some problems, - said Portuguese coach. – It`s nice that we have solved them and didn`t miss a goal. Anzhi is a good team, but we were lucky. I haven`t liked the refereeing. There were a lot of difficulties, but not all of them appeared due to our game. We have won. But if the match had finished in a draw I wouldn`t have considered it as an unfairness.

- Why did Lokomotiv players lie on the pitch so often?

- Because their legs were being beaten often. As a result several our players were being injured. Caicedo, for example.

- If to compare Anzhi and Anderlecht, which team did you like more?

- Today`s game was much harder. We played so close to our goal for first time. But frankly speaking, referees worked against Lokomotiv in our last two matches.

- Why did you rotate the squad again?

- On Thursday we had difficult match against Anderlecht and I surely had to make some changes in the squad.

Question from local journalist: What did you discuss with Roberto Carlos in the middle of the second half?

- We didn`t have any problems. I very respect him. I just asked him to follow fair play principles in one of the episodes.

Remark from local journalist: Come here with Lokomotiv on Europa League matches, we will support you with the same passion as we support Anzhi.

- It was a fantastic atmosphere on the stadium. Anzhi fans are incredibly emotional. It`s pleasant to play in such atmosphere. But Lokomotiv fans support us with the same sincerity and passion. I would say that our fans are the most devoted in Russia. So thank you for invitation, but we will play in Moscow on our stadium in Cherkizovo.

02 October 2011 22:24

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