Jose Couceiro: “We will do our best to win tomorrow”

Jose Couceiro: “We will do our best to win tomorrow”
Head coach of Lokomotiv Jose Couceiro and goalkeeper Alexander Filtsov have answered on journalist questions during pre-match press-conference between the match Lokomotiv – AEK.

- Will defeat from Anderlecht influence on tomorrow`s game? – question for Couceiro.

- It will influence for sure. We lost 3 points, which we didn`t have to lose. And now it`s a turning point for us. After tomorrow`s game we will stay with 3 points or we will have 6 points. I think 10 points will be enough for qualifying to Round 32. So we have to collect 7 points more. If we win tomorrow, we will need just 4 points. The victory will be very important for us in psychological aspect. I hope that tomorrow we won`t face the same problems as in the match against Anderlecht.

- Can you say that AEK is dangerous doubly now as a wounded beast?

- It`s a dangerous opponent obviously. AEK is a team of high level. As you know they have changed a coach. I`m sure that  motivation of players will be exorbitant. In addition our opponents understand that they can`t lose tomorrow`s match. In case of defeat they practically won`t have chances to qualify for Round 32. In ours turn we will do our best to win in tomorrow`game.  

- Tomorrow`s match will be hundredth for Lokomotiv in eurocups. Does this fact mean for you something?

- The date is nice, but I don`t want to concentrate on it. We consider all the matches important and significant for Lokomotiv. And we approach to all games with the same responsibility. For all players it`s a big honour to defend colours of such club like Lokomotiv. And our stimulus now is to play as well as it`s possible in the last matches of the season.

Alexander Filtsov shared his opinion about the game as well.

- Forthcoming game is very serious for our team, - says Filtsov. – Especially as because it`s Europa League. All players play for the honour of the club and do all their best for win. It`s obvious that AEK players will get ready very serious for this game. It`s one of the last chances for Greeks to continue struggle in the Europa League. I think opponents will leave all their power on the pitch.

- You were injured. How do you feel yourself now?

- I`m getting better. In the near time I gonna join the common group. I hope soon I will help our team to win again.

19 October 2011 14:54

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