Jose Couceiro: “Games against AEK and CSKA have the same importance for us”

Jose Couceiro: “Games against AEK and CSKA have the same importance for us”
On Wednesday evening in the press centre of Olympic stadium midfielder Denis Glushakov and head coach Jose Couceiro have attended the pre-match press conference.

-    On Sunday Lokomotiv will have an important match against CSKA. Can you say, that Sunday game is more important for you, than match against AEK? – was asked Jose Couceiro.

-    No, I can`t say this way. Games against AEK and CSKA have the same importance for us. There is no secret that we have problems and some players are injured. To the same all our matches are difficult, so I use rotation of the squad.

-    Is it very important for Lokomotiv to finish on the first position in the group?  

-    No. The most important is to qualify for Round-32 and play in February. This is our target. And there is no difference from which place to qualify for play-off stage. By the way, I`m sure that tomorrow it will be a hard game for us. AEK must collect three points for not to lose all the chances to qualify for Round-32, so Greeks will definitely play only for win. 

-    Do you like current format of Europa League? May be UEFA has to change it that all teams keep the motivation till the last matchday?

-    I have nothing against current format and it seems optimum. Also it`s very good that in February teams from Champions League join the Europa League – it makes this tournament even more strong and interesting.

Denis Glushakov was asked to share his impressions about the first game against AEK.

- AEK played well in Moscow, - said Glushakov. – But we just scored our chances, though we missed disappointing goal in the end and create the problems by ourselves. However we won finally and in Athens our target is the same – three points.

After press conference Lokomotiv had a training on the pitch of main Athens stadium.

According to AEK representatives, on Thursday just five thousands supporters are expected on the stadium. There are few reasons for such pessimistic forecast: expensive tickets (the cheapest one is sold for 15 Euro), late kick-off (22:05 local time) and current position of AEK in the group, which is on the last position with zero points.

By the way, Lokomotiv will be supported on the stadium by fans, who have come from Moscow,  and by employers of Russian embassy in Greece as well. About 40 workers of embassy, including the Russian ambassador in Greece, are going to attend the match.

02 November 2011 22:48

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