We took the game seriously and professionally

We took the game seriously and professionally

Marko Nikolic on the victory over Tambov (3:0) in the 1/8 finals of the Betcity Russian Cup.

- I won't say anything special. We returned from training camp and continued good work. It was very difficult because of the pitch and the weather, but the players took the game seriously and professionally. We scored three goals, another one was canceled, and we created many chances. We move on.

- What is it like to prepare for a team that lost 17 players and got 9 new ones before the match?

- Tambov has a difficult situation, it will be difficult for them in the second part of the season. It was also difficult for us to prepare for the game in terms of scouting. We played our game, the model of which we prepared at the training camp. We didn't think much about the opponent, but we treated them with respect. It is important that we won.

- When will Smolov and Miranchuk return to the pitch and what about Ignatiev?

- It's a pity that Ignatiev had to be replaced. Nothing serious, I hope. He is a very important player for our team. But why only Smolov and Miranchuk? There are also Barinov, Ze Luis, Zhivoglyadov ... All must soon return and fight for their positions. They are quality footballers who benefit us.

21 February 2021 19:24

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