Lokomotiv have finished the training camp with a win over Rostov

Lokomotiv have finished the training camp with a win over Rostov

In the last friendly match of the training camp, Lokomotiv played against Rostov. Earlier on the same day, our team lost 0:4 to Locomotive from Tbilisi. It was visible that the defeat added motivation to our team, as already in the 14th minute Lokomotiv took the lead.

Zhemaletdinov brought Kamano one on one, Pesyakov managed to save the shot, but the next corner led to a goal. Rybus crossed to the near post, where Pablo sent the ball into the net.

It took Lokomotiv nine minutes to score the second goal and it turned out to be a masterpiece. Corluka with a pass across the entire field brought Iosifov one on one, who took the ball on his chest and with the second touch chipped it over Pesyakov.

Before the end of the half, Kamano should have scored several times. Lokomotiv was great at stretching Rostov, luring them into their half of the field, and then sending long balls into the free zones, where Francois was making a run. However, our striker failed to finish two one-on-one chances.

At the beginning of the second half, Lokomotiv could have scored twice. Kamano was unable to put the ball into the net from five meters after a rebound from the goalkeeper, and then Pesyakov pulled a save after Iosifov shot into the near corner from a close range.

In general, the second half of the game went according to the traditional scenario of the training camp: slower speed with a small number of chances. At least one of them should have been finished by Kamano, but Francois was so unlucky in this match. The ball simply refused to go into the goal, and in the 88th minute, after another missed chance, our forward was punching the ground with his fist.

Rostov pulled one goal back 11 minutes before the end. Poyarkov rolled the ball to the line of the penalty area to Glebov, who struck the ball into the top corner.

Lokomotiv finished the training camp in Spain with another victory. On Monday the team will return to Moscow and on February 21 they will play against Tambov in the 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup.

Friendly match

Lokomotiv - Rostov - 2:1 (2:0)
Goals: Pablo,14 (1:0). Iosifov, 23 (2:0). Glebov, 79 (2:1)

Lokomotiv: Guilherme, Rybchinskiy, Corluka, Pablo, Rybus, Mukhin, Krychowiak (Silyanov, 46), Ignatiev (Titkov, 70), Iosifov (Ageev, 84), Zhemaletdinov, Kamano
Rostov: Pesyakov, Kozlov, Aleesami (Poyarkov, 73), Pavlovets (Rukas, 73), Hadzikadunic, Normann (Gigovic, 73), Eremenko (Makhatadze, 63), Sukhomlinov (Glebov, 46), Bayramyan (Poloz, 73), Tugarev (Almqvist, 73), Obukhov (Turishchev, 63)
Bookings: Pavlovets, 34. Hadzikadunic, 81
February 14, 2021. Marbella, Marbella Football Center

14 February 2021 19:32

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