Lokomotiv got a win against Krasnodar-2. Iosifov with a goal and two assists

Lokomotiv got a win against Krasnodar-2. Iosifov with a goal and two assists

In the third friendly match at the second Spanish training camp, Lokomotiv played against Krasnodar-2, which is 16th in the Russian Football National League (FNL). Lokomotiv entered the pitch with a mixed squad. Murilo and Magkeev started at the centre of defence, Silyanov and Chernyi played as fullbacks, Petukhov, Kulikov and Titkov played in the middle of the field. Iosifov helped Eder and Ageev in attack.

It was Ageev, who could have scored twice by the ninth minute. First, Mikhail got the ball on the right side of the penalty area, but missed the target. Then he hit from 17 meters after Eder and Iosifov played one-two - this time the goalkeeper of Krasnodar-2 came to the rescue.

For most of the half, Lokomotiv controlled the possession and didn’t let Krasnodar leave its own part of the pitch. It was not easy for our opponents to attack from under pressure, but they were the ones who opened the score in the match. In the 32nd minute, Stezhko was first on the ball after a corner and sent it into the net with the second touch.

Lokomotiv responded ten minutes later with a fantastic goal from Chernyi. Iosifov found Artur near the edge of the box - Cherny curled it into the far top corner.

The teams started the second half very actively and the first ten minutes played without the center of the field, but also attacked without shots. However, the starting fuse quickly dried up, the pace dropped and it seemed that the match would end in a draw. But Lokomotiv again had more energy left for the end of the game.

In the 76th minute, Eder repeated his goal from the Euro 2016 final - he struck the ball powerfully into the bottom corner. Then Iosifov and Ageev played a simple combination of four passes, as a result of which Misha went one-on-one and shot past the goalkeeper.

In the 88th minute, Iosifov scored his goal. Nikita burst into the penalty area, earned a penalty and confidently converted it - 4:1.

On February 11, Lokomotiv will face the main team of Krasnodar. The match starts at 18:30 (Moscow time).

Friendly match

Lokomotiv - Krasnodar-2 - 4:1 (1:1)
Goals: Stezhko, 32 (0:1). Chernyi, 42 ​​(1:1). Eder, 76 (2:1). Ageev, 78 (3:1). Iosifov, 88 (pen) (4:1)

Lokomotiv: Kochenkov (Savin, 63), Silyanov, Murilo, Magkeev, Chernyi, Petukhov, Kulikov (Berkovskiy, 46), Titkov, Iosifov, Ageev, Eder
Krasnodar-2: Agkatsev (Shtepa, 46), Martynov, Pelikh (Kornyushin, 57), Isaenko, Stezhko (Andreev, 69), Chernikov (Yakimov, 79), Matsukatov (Tekuchev, 78), Spertsyan, Vorotnikov (Rzaev, 69), Sabua (Ivashin, 69), Grigoryan
Bookings: Sabua, 37
February 9, 2021. Marbella, Marbella Football Center

09 February 2021 20:39

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