Nikolic: The players left all their energy on the pitch

Nikolic: The players left all their energy on the pitch

Lokomotiv head coach Marko Nikolic on the defeat to Khimki (2:3) in the Gameweek 19 of the Russian Premier League.

- How would you rate the first part of the season?

- It was a difficult seven months from start to finish. But there were also good moments. Last season, we retained second place, earned more points than our opponents, and qualified to the Champions League. The start of the season turned out to be good - both in the championship and in the Champions League. But after two or three unsuccessful matches, we had a lot of problems with the lineup. Each game we had to change two, three or four players. In the last two-three weeks, the players have had many health problems. We tried to cope with it, the team gave it all they had. I have no questions to the players.

- Do you already know where the team will go for the training camp?

- First we need to rest a little. Each footballer has an individual training program for vacation. On January 14, we will start training in Marbella and will stay there for a month.

- Why was the second half worse than the first?

- Fatigue. We've had a lot of players who didn't train at all due to health problems. And not only in the last days, but also in the last few weeks.

- Does the team have psychological problems?

- They may be at the end of such period. But it was evident that the team left all the energy on the field. The footballers are just tired. Many of them did not train due to health problems.

- You are being criticized a lot now. Do you have desire to resign?

- No.

17 December 2020 20:17

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