Nikolic: We will fight for every meter of the pitch

Nikolic: We will fight for every meter of the pitch

Lokomotiv head coach Marko Nikolic on the upcoming match with Salzburg in the Champions League.

- There is another important game ahead. The schedule is difficult, but we are trying to cope, although it is not easy. But I believe in our team. The guys are ready to give everything on the pitch. If everything goes like this tomorrow, plus a little bit of luck, we will achieve the result. It's the most important thing. Salzburg are a good team. We watched a lot of their games. I don't like that the media write that Lokomotiv must beat Salzburg. If you watched their matches with Atletico and Bayern, you would know that they should have won. We need concentration, confidence and support from the stands. I believe in my team. We will do our best to achieve the result.

- Who can not play tomorrow and what do you need to beat Salzburg?

- I will not say who will come on the pitch. I don't want to help the opponent. If you know, which Salzburg players won’t play tomorrow, tell us (laughs). They have a very fast team. Four players move quickly from defence to attack. You can't give them free space, you need to play disciplined and smart. Play for the result. If we have concentration, and I am sure we will have it, if we fight for every meter, we can get the result. Salzburg have a young team, they score a lot. But we have a lot of experienced footballers. I'm looking forward to an interesting game.

30 November 2020 14:00

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