Mishatkin: Scored three goals, but should have scored five

Mishatkin: Scored three goals, but should have scored five

Lokomotiv U19 head coach Maksim Mishatkin reflects on the win against Saturn (3:0) in the Gameweek 10 of the Russian Youth League.

- With the way the first half was going, it looked like the match would have similar scenario, as the one in the first round - lots of fight and a goal in the last minutes.

- The game couldn’t have the same scenario because every time we make corrections and work on the attack. We scored three goals, but had to score five and that's the minimum. We try to convert chances into goals. There were small chances in the first round match and we need to be make the most out of them. Moreover, today Saturn had sending off. Such situations are useful for the development of players. They need to understand how to play with an advantage. It's good that we scored three. But you need to use the moments better.

- Has sending off affected Saturn’s game. Did it affect Lokomotiv's game?

- It didn’t, but, of course, it became easier for us. In order to improve, players need to understand how to play 11v11, with one player advantage, without one player. Today we worked on this situation.

- Kasimov did well when he came on as a substitute - he scored, earned a penalty. Are you satisfied with it?

- We show on the football pitch what we work on. He did everything that was required of him. He showed individual qualities that are required in every match.

- Ivankov played his first match for the youth team this season. How did you like his game?

- We are satisfied. Morozov was injured and we did not have a central defender. Mikhail played well.

- Petrov received the captain's armband today. Did he cope with the responsibility?

- Maksim has leadership qualities. This is a leader both on the pitch and in the dressing room, so his captain's armband is one hundred percent justified.

21 November 2020 15:41

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