The youth team defeated Konoplev Academy

The youth team defeated Konoplev Academy

Lokomotiv arrived in Togliatti in great spirits after impressive 4-0 win over Strogino. Our team was fighting for the first place with CSKA and Zenit, while the Konoplev Academy was sitting bottom of the table. However, the match turned out to be more difficult than expected.

If in the game against Strogino Lokomotiv had a huge advantage and created lots of dangerous moments in the first half, with the Konoplev Academy it wasn’t the case, as the opponent was able to break down and defend all our attacks. Perhaps the only real chance to score was in the first minutes of the half, when the referee gave a free kick 20 meters away from the goal - Gritsak hit the wall.

After the break, Lokomotiv increased the pressure, and it became more and more difficult for the Academy to fight back. Kasimov dragged the ball along the wing and passed it to the centre of the penalty area where Pershin was waiting - Matvey hit the defender. Soon Pershin himself brought Kasimov to the shooting position with back heel pass - Timur missed the target from seven meters.

With 14 minutes left before the final whistle, the last minute goal specialist - Evgeni Morozov stepped up and got down to business. Three games ago, in the match against Saturn, Evgeni scored the inner in the 83rd minute. This time he managed to score the goal in the 76th minute. Morozov picked up the rebound in the penalty area after a set piece and struck the ball past the goalkeeper - 1:0.

Eleven minutes later, another set piece and again Evgeni was first on the ball and finished the chance at the far post after Matveev's cross - 2:0.

Russian Youth League. Group B. Gameweek 8

Konoplev Academy - Lokomotiv (youth) - 0:2 (0:0)
Goals: Morozov, 76 (0:1). Morozov, 87 (0:2)

Konoplev Academy: Timchenko, Shchetinin, Balev, Grebenkin, K. Petrov, Karasev (Aksanov, 87), Salmin (Tashchyan, 72), Aleksandrov (Nasibulin, 87), Vorobjev (Tsvetkov, 75), Ezhkov (Kondratyuk, 85), Barsukov (Gabelashvili, 85)
Lokomotiv (youth): Kasyanenko, Morozov (Dronov, 89), Ushakhin, Kazarinov (Kiryanin, 85), Babkin (Kotelnikov, 82), Shmakov, Petrov (Karpukas, 58), Gritsak (Kasimov, 46), Baraboshkin (Borisenko, 46), Matveev, Pershin
Bookings: Karasev, 25. Grebenkin, 34. Borisenko, 53. K. Petrov, 65. Shmakov, 77.
Referee: Maxim Pchelintsev (Tambov)
October 28, 2020. Togliatti, Konoplev Academy stadium

28 October 2020 15:45

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