Mishatkin: Finishing is a very delicate moment

Mishatkin: Finishing is a very delicate moment

Lokomotiv U19 head coach Maksim Mishatkin reflects on the win against Strogino (4:0) in the Gameweek 7 of the Russian Youth League.

- Why didn't you manage to score in the first half?

- We are working on finishing, but these are very delicate moments. We could have done better there and should have shot better in other moments. It is a pity that we did not manage to open the score in the first half, but I am pleased with the second half. We finished almost everything, although at the end we could have scored two more - Gritsak had chances.

We already said a lot about the need to prove our advantage. In the games with stronger opponents there won't be many chances. We remember the last Champions League, when we don’t score one or two chances, we concede one and we lose the match. But finishing is an individual skill. The perception of the moment is not as easy as it seems. If we finish one hundred percent of our chances, we will take a big step forward.

- During half time did you motivate the team or calm them down?

- There was a working environment. The first half turned out to be good, hence we just made adjustments, so that the players could multiply the advantage.

- Could you tell us about the new players on the wings?

- We count on all the players. We want to see how they compete for places, and also provide game time. Development is the main thing. Kiryanin and Dronov showed themselves. This proves once again that we have healthy competition.

- The next match is already on Wednesday.

- We need to accept the rules of the game and prepare well. We will do everything both in the training process and in recovery, so that the guys are as fresh as possible.

24 October 2020 20:30

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