Nikolic: The goal at the end of the first half changed the game

Nikolic: The goal at the end of the first half changed the game

Lokomotiv head coach Marko Nikolic summed up the result of the match with Salzburg (2:2) in the Gameweek 1 of the Champions League group stage.

- I can not be one hundred percent satisfied. We wanted to get three points. We started well, controlled the game for the first 30-35 minutes, were disciplined, and scored a goal. But we conceded at the last minute of the half. This goal changed the game.

- Why no one marked Szoboszlai in the moment with the first goal?

- We played without discipline in that moment. Since my arrival I don't remember that Lokomotiv conceded from set pieces. But the shot was also crazy. I know Szoboszlai is one of the most talented players in Europe. You can not leave him alone. After the goal they gained confidence, another game started in the second half. If we had not conceded this goal, it would not have been so hard in the second half. We wanted to get the three points, but we got one. We are moving on.

- Why does Lokomotiv often drop deep into defence after a goal?

- Salzburg is a fast team. They got a corner after a counter attack in the 45th minute. We should not allow this. In the second half, there was everything - the last 20-25 minutes were COVID football. Both teams had moments. We were better in the first half, they were in the second.

- You usually make few changes. Why have you changed the entire offensive line today? Rotation?

- We did not have Ignatiev, Magkeev, Rajkovic. Ze Luis is only with us for a week, Kamano is not ready yet. They get fit only through matches, it's not easy. We play every three days. I would like to have everyone at my disposal.

- When are injured and sick players supposed to return?

- I hope tomorrow.

- Kulikov made his first appearance from the start in the Champions League today, Rybchinskiy made his debut. How would you rate their game?

- I don't want to talk about individual game. We discuss this at the training base. It takes a lot of work to become team leaders. They have the potential. They come on the pitch because they deserve it, not because it‘s a gift. But there is no need to talk so much about young players. There were many Russian footballers who became stars earlier than necessary.

21 October 2020 22:43

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