Nikolic: Draw is fair. No one deserved the victory

Nikolic: Draw is fair. No one deserved the victory

Lokomotiv’s head coach Marko Nikolic reflects on the game against Rostov (0:0) in Gameweek 7 of the Russian Premier League.

- I'm not happy with the result. We wanted to get three points, but it didn't work out. The match turned out to be tough. Both teams played well tactically, the players ran a lot. It was difficult to create chances, but both teams had them. Rostov created problems for us on the left wing, we created problems for them on the right. There were many opportunities for counter attacks in the last thirty minutes. I think it is right that the teams shared the points. Nobody deserved the victory today.

- Are you also unhappy with the game?

- We knew that the game would be difficult. Playing in Rostov is not easy. The opponent pressed, moved well. But we knew that they would not be able to act like this for 90 minutes, and that at the end there would be chances on counter attacks. And they were. I can not say that I am satisfied with the game. The match was tough, Rostov is a good team.

- During the match, you changed pairs of forwards several times.

- We tried freshen up the game upfront, so that new players would also help in defence and run away on counter attacks.

- Did Guilherme and Smolov have any psychological problems due to the fact that both did not play for the national team?

- No. Any footballer is unhappy when he does not come on the field. But now we need to think about Lokomotiv and concentrate on the next matches.

- Are you satisfied with the progress of Kulikov, Rybchinskiy and Magkeev?

- Yes, I'm happy with the guys. In each match they get practice and experience.

- The second match in a row finishes in 0:0 - good defense, but bad attack. What's more important?

- Both. I am glad when we don’t concede. The organization of the game in defence is good, we do not lose on set pieces. In the attack, you need to move more without the ball, run behind your opponents, and shoot on goal more often.

- Anton should become the leader of the team after Aleksey Miranchuk left. Have you talked with him about it?

- He has all the qualities to become a leader, and he must show them on the pitch. Anton plays well. Also new players joined the team. It takes time for new leaders to emerge.

- Before the game against Tambov, there will be a proper weekly training cycle. How will this affect trainings?

- This factor will help us. During the break, a lot of players left for the national teams, so we couldn't work with the whole team. We now have three weekly cycles ahead - the first time in four months. It will be possible to work on tactics, on physics, on all issues.

14 September 2020 23:16

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