Guilherme: A Crazy Game!

Guilherme: A Crazy Game!

Marinato Guilherme shares his emotions from the victory over Orenburg (1:0), the impressions from the defenders’ performance, and explains why he refused to take a penalty kick.


- How would you estimate the team’s performance in defense and why the scoring ratio so low?

- A crazy and unusual game. We lacked a second goal. When Orenburg were one man down, they started creating more chances. I always say it - when we play home and have scoring opportunities to improve the lead, we must do it. When you waste your chance you give your opponent courage. 

- Did you hear the fans?

- I was concentrating at the game but of course I heard them. We understand the fans but we must do our job. Our task is to play football for the club that feeds us. The life goes on.

- Maybe you should consider taking penalty kicks?

- Me? Why? 

- Eder didn’t score. 

- Oh, no. My job is to guard the goal. Everyone can miss. The world’s best strikers miss. Eder is a good player.

- What changed with Nikolic in the lead? 

- It’s too early to talk about changes. We’re training with Marko for ten days. He’s trying to motivate us. It’s clear he has philosophy - he speaks about controlling the ball, putting pressure on an opponent. We’ve been playing with Syomin for four years and it’s too early to talk about changes. I think we’re going to see them with time. 

- How would you estimate Murilo’s performance in the centre of defense?

- I have to watch again. When you’re on the pitch you see things differently. I liked how the defense played today. Murilo is a young player with good perspective.

- In the middle of the second half an Orenburg player ran into you.

- It was a game episode, he used it to the maximum. Nothing special, just a minor bruise. I’ll be okay in a couple of days.

- How did you like the play after the break? 

- Yesterday I watched CSKA - Zenit, the top game of the gameweek. It was a surprise. CSKA were playing at home. I can’t say what happened, 2:0 in the 10th minute.They say it’s bad shape but when you concede twice in ten minutes it’s psychology. Sochi vs Rostov - no comments.  But this amount of goals is not typical for an opening round. Maybe, everyone is hungry for football. But anyway, Lokomotiv won - that’s what matters. 

21 June 2020 21:19

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