Lokomotiv Beats Tambov, Takes On Kazanka

Lokomotiv Beats Tambov, Takes On Kazanka

On Sunday Lokomotiv played two trial games. In the first one, the team played full-time against Tambov. In the second one, those who remained sidelined engaged in a 45-minute match against Kazanka.

The team that entertained the visitors from Tambov did not feature the Miranchuks, Barinov, Zhemaletdinov and Kverkvelia - the coaches decided to keep them in safety. Kochenkov who recovered from the coronavirus had an individual practice before the game. All players will start training in the group next week.

In the opening 20 minutes Lokomotiv had advantage but did not create a chance. The Railroaders controlled the ball, used positional attacks, but Tambov left no spaces to advance to.

Finally, Lokomotiv created the first opportunity. Rybchinskiy received the ball and rolled it to Joao Mario who took a shot but the ball sailed off the post. Tambov responded with a similar attack when Melkadze tried to find the back of the net by shooting at a bottom corner. Guilherme got it right and chose an ideal position.

Soon it was Shelia’s turn to step in. Ignatyev blasted under the crossbar from the arc but the keeper pulled off a lovely save. Minutes later Shelia again stopped the attempt by Rybchinskiy from about 25 metres.

In the end it was Rybchinskiy who set the score. On 58 minutes Dmitriy set up a great opportunity for Joao Mario. The young midfielder sped up down the touchline and passed to the Portuguese but Shelia again saved the attempt from 11 metres.
Two minutes later Rybchinskiy found himself in a promising position. Tugarev saw him open up in the centre of the box and Rybchinskiy thanked the teammate for the pass with a powerful and effective attempt - 1:0.

Trial game

Lokomotiv - Tambov - 1:0 (0:0)
Goals: Rybchinskiy, 60

Lokomotiv: Guilherme, Corluka, Murilo, Ignatyev (Zhivoglyadov, 63), Rybus, Magkeyev, Krychowiak, Joao Mario, Rybchinski (Kulikov, 86), Eder, Tugarev (Idowu, 63)
Tambov: Shelia (Chagrov, 72), Filin, Oyewole, Yurganov, Rybin (Kaplienko, 46), Tetrashvili, Karasyov, Shlyakov, Kostykov (Kabakhidze, 66), Shlyakov, Kilin (Takazov, 72), Melkadze (Bolshakov, 81)
Bookings: Krychowiak, 21. Tugarev, 31. Magkeyev, 81
June 14, 2020. Moscow, RZD Arena reserve field


The second game saw three players who took part in the previous match, them being Idowu, Zhivoglyadov, and Kulikov. The teams played at the highest pace and didn’t save each other too much. By the 13th minute Mironov and Mukhin were handed a yellow card, while Titkov managed to aggregate two bookings by 39 minutes and was ejected.

Lokomotiv opened the score - Kolomeytsev set up for Mukhin, Max took a shot, the ball ricocheted to Titkov who saw Suleymanov in a promising position and made a right decision passing to him - 1:0.

Kazanka had been making substitutions and dominated in the closing part of the game. Mironov had a chance to score but his attempt shook the post. However, Ageyev received the ball in the following attack and touched it with his toe into the back of the net - 1:1.

Trial game, 45 minutes

Lokomotiv - Kazanka - 1:1
Goals: Suleymanov, 22 (1:0). Ageyev, 33 (1:1)

Lokomotiv: Medvedev, Zhivoglyadov, Idowu, Chorniy, Lysov, Kulikov, Kolomeytsev, Titkov, Dorofeyev, M.Mukhin, Suleymanov
Kazanka: Savin, Sukharev (Shishchenko, 33), Aktisov (Koltyapin, 33), Silyanov (Sharkov, 33), Petukhov (Chernyakov, 33), Makhatadze (Demyanov, 23), Mironov (Kostyuk, 33), Galanin (Zaretskiy, 23), Iosifov (Karev, 33), Fayzullin (Bezrukov, 63), Ageyev
Bookings: Mironov, 9. M.Mukhin, 13. Titkov, 28
Ejection: Titkov, 39

14 June 2020 17:50

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