Guilherme: We’re practicing almost like at a training camp

Guilherme: We’re practicing almost like at a training camp

Marinato Guilherme speaks about what Lokomotiv is doing to get ready for the return of the Russian Championship.

- What are your impressions of the first practice after a long break?

- We’ve been waiting to get back to work. The pause due to the coronavirus was unexpected. It’s good that we’re back, we’re doing what we love and follow all of the protocols.

- Did you adapt easily?

- Of course, we tried to keep fit at home, but practices on the pitch differ functionally. You need about ten days to get used to the pitch.

- What’s the team’s schedule now?

- Almost like during a pre-season preparation. We’ve been locked up at the base, practicing twice a day.

- Did you fear that the championship may not resume?

- Had it been finished, we would have been second-best. But as far as the sporting principle goes, the decision to resume the championship was right. There are eight games ahead. Of course, everyone was worried and in doubt as per whether the season would be resumed, and if yes - when it would happen, and what to do if it would end early. Now all is clear - we’re going to prepare for the games, we’re going to play. We hope to secure the second spot or claim the title.

- What do you think about playing without spectators?

- It’s unusual but we have to care about people’s health. If the management allowed us to play, we have to accept it, and take it seriously. It would be boring without spectators but football is back - and that’s what matters. Not playing at all is much more boring than playing without spectators.

- Anton Kochenkov has COVID-19. Do you keep in touch?

- We’ve texted each other a couple of times. He says he feels better than a couple of days ago. I hope he gets well soon and resumes our training sessions.

02 June 2020 15:00

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