Syomin: Rybchinskiy Played Outstandingly

Syomin: Rybchinskiy Played Outstandingly

Lokomotiv’s head coach Yuriy Syomin summarized the game against Rostov (3:3, 5:4 pen.) and the second camp.

- It’s good that we won. Any victory brings good mood to the team.

- Keeping in mind the amount of the injured players, was the tactics with three central defenders the only one available?

- No. It was a test game and we wanted to see this formation in action. It didn’t work very well.Rostov enjoyed the advantage but our players were great. They broke the run of play that seemed hopeless. There were good episodes and we had a chance to win in full-time.

- How did the youngsters improve, do you think?

- It’s too early to praise them. The time when they can play evenly in the main squad is yet to come. But we are waiting for their help. Magkeyev looked good today. If it goes on like this he will reserve a place for himself among the top 11. Right now he is the first in line to join the main squad.

- Rybchinskiy scored a beautiful goal.

- Rybchinskiy made a good appearance and played brilliantly. Speed is his strong side, as well as a good dribbling skill. Speed is very important in modern football. We’ll see what comes next.

- Joao Mario played as the centre forward.

- He didn’t succeed. Probably he’s not yet fit. Frankly speaking, we didn’t have a striker in the first half.

- Does Lokomotiv have problems with attacking potential?

- Every injury becomes a problem. Our bench is short.

- What is your overall impression of the tournament?

- I want to thank everyone for the good organization. Everything was smooth, positive and nice.

09 February 2020 20:32

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