Syomin: In the first half we demonstrated quality play

Syomin: In the first half we demonstrated  quality play

Yury Syomin talks about the game against Partizan (1:1, 2:4 pen.) at the Parimatch Premier Cup, Anton Miranchuk’s injury and the comeback of Farfan.

- What are your impressions of the game?

- The first half was good. Quality play. Although I think Partizan is in better shape at this point. The second half substitutions did not help. Partizan’s subs worked out better.

- Does the result matter?

- Not in the least.

- It looked like in the middle of the second half you switched to the scheme with three defenders.

- It depends on the players on the pitch. When Kverkvelia appeared, Magkeyev started playing deeper. We didn’t have another defensive midfielder who could attack.

- How did you like Magkeyev?

- You rightfully single him out. He plays not because he’s young and promising but because at this position he’s stronger than others.

- Lokomotiv’s goal can be called ideal - an effective finish after three passes.

- Alexey made a good pass. Eder also had a good game considering his current form.

- Will this attacking lineup be the main without Smolov?

- I think yes. But we still have a month of preparation.

- What’s with Farfan?

- He has to come on the 5th and start working with the ball, at least that’s how we see it.

- Whats’ with Anton Miranchuk?

- No information yet but it’s an unpleasant situation.

- Did you practice penalties before the game?

- We didn’t put any emphasis on this.

01 February 2020 16:30

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