Guilherme: The result is important in the championship, not at the camp

Guilherme: The result is important in the championship, not at the camp

Lokomotiv’s goalkeeper Marinato Guilherme has summarized the game against Jeonbuk (1:1) and the entire training camp in Spain.

- You have played your first match in the new year. What are your emotions?

- A lot of emotions, actually. It’s not just the first game this year - I haven’t played for almost two months and was missing football. The result is not that relevant - what matters is that I’m back on the field and enjoying the game. There’s enough time ahead to be spent at training camps. We need to correct many things and return to our regular level.

- In the beginning of the camp you worked on an individual plan. Was it hard to get fit again?

- The first training camp after vacation is always the hardest one. You have to start all over. You have a lot of energy but your body has to get used to the load. I hadn’t practiced for a long time due to the heel cord inflammation. We decided not to charge it immediately but rather allow it to adapt to the new workload. I feel good now.

- What would you tell the supporters who are upset with the team’s performance at the camp?

- Camps are the means of preparation for the regular season. Game results are irrelevant here. It’s only the regular season that matters. In friendlies we look at how the team acts on the pitch. Today we demonstrated emotions and the desire to win. During the first camp we have been practicing twice a day and accumulated some weariness. By the restart of the regular championship we will be back on our usual level.

26 January 2020 22:25

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