Syomin: The players coped with the load

Syomin: The players coped  with the load

Lokomotiv’s head coach Yuriy Syomin comments on the friendly against Steaua (3:3) at the training camp in Spain.

- There were nice goals that followed good combination play, there were awkward goals. What did you pay attention to most?

- Both. That’s very much like us - invest a lot of effort into scoring a goal and then concede easily. We have to work on it and be more concentrated in defense. There are certain problems.

- Kverkvelia played full time. That very Saba is back?

- To see that very Saba, we need time. On the whole his performance was good. But he played full time only because Murilo is a bit ill. Initially we planned that everyone played 45 minutes. For Kverkvelia, the load was higher than we expected.

- You never single out players but would you want to praise anyone today?

- What’s the point in praising anyone now? Yesterday there was hard work, today there was the game. I can praise everyone - the players coped with the load.

21 January 2020 10:00

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