Lokomotiv's Players Return From Vacation

Lokomotiv's Players Return From Vacation

On Monday Lokomotiv's players did a routine medical check-up. Tomorrow the team is flying to Spain to start the preparation for the restart of the season.

– The check-up went well, - says Sergey Khaykin, a doctor at Lokomotiv. - The guys were seen by the specialists in all major somatic systems: cardio-vascular, respiratory, did an abdominal USG and chest X-ray. This a basic check-up but a very important one. Out of the 14 players present today all were in good mood, suntanned and healthy. No one had any complaints. The remaining players will go through the same check-up in Spain on January 15th.

- It’s been my first trip to the Maldives with my girlfriend, - says Anton Miranchuk who changed image and became a blond. - I liked it a lot, although the weather wasn’t great. A quiet and picturesque place - just what I expected. Then we flew to Dubai to meet the brother who was there with Rifat Zhemaletdinov and Vlad Ignatyev. Everyone was given an individual work plan, I completed it. Now I’ve just completed the treadmill test and feel okay. I was glad to see the guys, everyone is suntanned. I hope the training camp goes well. First we’re flying to Marbella, Spain for two weeks, then to Qatar to take part in a tournament, and then to Marbella again for the final camp.

- I had a great time on vacation! - Dmitriy Barinov shares his emotions. - First I went to sea with my friends, then returned to Moscow and met the New Year here with the family. I spent the remaining part of the holiday here in the city and went to the gym. So I’d say my training process is in full swing. The check-up went well: sight, hearing, blood pressure, the work of nerve endings, heart. Was glad to meet the teammates. Tomorrow we’re flying to Spain. There’s much work ahead but we’re ready for it.

During the training camp in Spain Lokomotiv will play three friendlies: against the Romanian side Steaua on January 20th, Osijek from Croatia on the 23rd, and Jeonbuk from South Korea on the 26th.

13 January 2020 17:00

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