U21s Defeat Arsenal

U21s Defeat Arsenal

Both Arsenal and Lokomotiv approached their face-to-face as leaders of the tournament. Tula was standing second, the Railroaders were two points behind on the fifth line. A win would allow us to knock the hosts down the table, and take their spot.

Lokomotiv made their bid clear in the fifth minute when Ageyev defended the ball in the box after a cross from the left side, making Garastyuk score an own goal.

However, seven minutes later the locals responded with a similar offensive but managed without our assistance when Musayev finished a cross from the left flank.

Both teams spent the remaining time actively looking for opportunities, at good pace, however, leaving the keepers freezing without work. Defenders were working well and kept the ball at bay.

The second half turned out to be way merrier. Arsenal scored in one of their first offensives through Khlusevich who found himself in a good position 20 metres away from the goal and decided to go for glory - effectively, into the upper ninety. Anyway, Lokomotiv was back in the game five minutes later when Khodeyev handplayed in the box and Petukhov was effective from the spot.

After that, Suleymanov stepped in. He started with wasting two wonderful chances, first missing the target from the corner of the goal area, and then allowing the keeper to save his next attempt.

However, he still capitalized on his third chance. Titkov produced a cross from the left flank, and Timur headed it into the far corner. Arsenal had been understaffed for some time by then after the referee ejected Khodeyev for attacking a goalkeeper.

With 33 points now, Lokomotiv have a chance to remain in the second line if CSKA don't beat Krasnodar on Saturday.

Russian Youth Championship. Gameweek 19.

Arsenal (youth) - Lokomotiv (youth) – 2:3 (1:1)
Goals: Garastyuk, 5 (own goal) (0:1). Musayev, 12 (1:1). Khlusevich, 60 (2:1). Petukhov, 65 (pen.) (2:2). Suleymanov, 84 (2:3)

Arsenal (youth): Mironov, Rodnikov, Ivanov, Garastyuk (Prikhodnoy, 59 (Kozlov, 93), Khodeyev, Lobanov, Khlusevich, Petrovskiy, Khabibov, Kul (Yerofeyev, 55), Musayev (Peshcherov, 80)
Lokomotiv (youth): Kasyanenko, Osnov, Chyorniy, Petukhov, Silyanov, ivankov, M.Mukhin (Chernyakov, 46), Titkov (Morozov, 89), Iosifov, Karev (Fayzullin, 46), Ageyev (Suleymanov, 60)
Bookings: Khodeyev, 64. Osnov, 75. Titkov, 87. Kasyanenko, 94
Red cards: Khodeyev, 77
Referee: Maksim Gandzhayev (St Petersburg)
December 5, 2019. Tula, SSh Arsenal Stadium

05 December 2019 14:00

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