Yuriy Syomin: We simply lacked strength

Yuriy Syomin: We simply lacked strength

Yuriy Syomin summarizes the game against Atletico (0:2) in the second leg of the group stage of the Champions League.

- We simply lacked strength in the second half. We made elementary mistakes after playing a throw-in and a corner kick. We couldn’t withhold the pressure Atletico were building up all over the pitch. But we played to the maximum. Zhemaletdinov’s injury upset our plans, we had to make changes. But on the whole we cannot blame the players. They put themselves out.

- Why did you play so weak in the opening 15 minutes? Don’t you think that Smolov was too slow with the ball?

- We made a mistake after the opposition played a throw-in. As for Smolov, my comment concerns him as well as the others: all boys played, but all of them made mistakes. Smolov had two good opportunities.

- Why did you substitute Zhemaletdinov for Idowu, not Djordjevic?

- We field those who we think are better fit right now. The Cup game gave us some information, so we thought Idowu would be a better choice. Ignatyev can play on different positions. He looked well in midfield and covered his zone. He made just one mistake during a corner kick. But a player makes mistakes when he’s under pressure. Atletico’s pressure all over the pitch is hard to withhold.

- Why did Ignatyev and Joao Mario swap sides? And would you agree Joao Mario and Krychowiak are way stronger than all other players of your team?

- It’s the team that plays, not separate players. Krychowiak demonstrated his high level but there were episodes where he, too, had better make a pass than take a shot. Joao Mario made mistakes. They swapped sides because Rybus wasn’t able to keep Atletico’s full-back in check. Ignatyev is stronger defensively.

- Is this Atletico different from the one you played against a year-and-a-half ago?

- The team became younger but not too different in their manner of play. They were the leaders of La Liga, and they still are. They will win the Champions League. As for Joao Felix, he is the future of Atletico. He has impressed today.

- What is the news from the hospital?

- I suspect that Zhemaletdinov will be sidelined for a while. As for Smolov, I think he’s going to be okay. Don’t expect Anton back soon, Alexey is about to return. Farfan will recover no sooner than by the New Year. This amount of injuries is logical, I think. There are many games, they are tense. It’s just too much for your body.

- Will Lokomotiv employ a more attacking tactics with juventus if the Miranchuks are back?

- We are not going to rush forward. We need to find balance between offence and defence. The Miranchuks will fit any tactics.

- We’ve been waiting for you for a while here. Were you talking to the team?

- I’ve been waiting for Simeone to finish. The guys are upset. No need to say something special here.

02 October 2019 1:01

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