Guilherme Plays 300th Game At Lokomotiv

Guilherme Plays 300th Game At Lokomotiv

The game with Zenit (1:0) in Gameweek 11 of the Russian Premier League becomes Marinato Guilherme’s 300th appearance in Lokomotiv’s outfit.

Guilherme made his debut at Lokomotiv on July 12, 2009 against FC Tom, and it’s been his 11th season with the club.

Marinato becomes the 7th player in the team’s history to notch 300 games. He’s still to beat Yuriy Drozdov (329), Sergey Gurenko (334), Igor Chugaynov (351), Sergey Ovchinnikov (366), Vladimir Maminov (400), and Dmitriy Loskov (421).

Among goalkeepers, Guilherme is superseded only by Sergey Ovchinnikov.

28 September 2019 19:00

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