Lokomotiv U-19 Team Come Back In Leverkusen

Lokomotiv U-19 Team Come Back In Leverkusen

Lokomotiv youth enjoyed a draw and total dominance over Bayer on Matchday 1 of the group stage of the UEFA Youth League.

Lokomotiv started well and Iosifov had a chance to score in the 2nd minute into the game but the ball sailed over the crossbar. Bayer responded with an attack that ended in a penalty when Botnar cut down Wolf in the area and Rueth made no mistake from the spot. Minutes later the hosts doubled the lead through Scott who sent a beautiful curved ball behind the keeper’s back.

Lokomotiv kept attacking even after conceding the second goal – unlike the hosts who almost never approached our goal since then: statistics show 25 vs 9 in attacks, 8 vs 3in attempts, and 63 vs 37 per cent in possession for Lokomotiv in the first half. Throughout the second half the Railroaders kept pressing the opposition and managed to equalize: first, Karev picked up the reflection in the 79th minute and hurled it home; then, Ivankov leveled finishing it off a free kick, setting the final score at 2:2.

UEFA Youth League. Group stag. Group D. Matchday 1.

Bayer (U-19) – Lokomotiv (U-19) – 2:2 (2:0)
Goals: Rueth, 4 (penalty) (1:0). Scott, 15 (2:0). Karev, 79 (2:1). Ivankov, 88 (2:2)

Bayer (youth): Letka, Rueth, Azhil, Wolf, Bukusu (Kemper, 85), Anapak-Baka, Lamti, Scott, Gaedicke (Sarpei, 73), Fesenmeyer (Gedikli, 92), Stanilewicz
Lokomotiv (U-19): Botnar, Silyanov, Ivankov, Iosifov, Petrov, Chyorniy, M.Mukhin, Petukhov (Chernyakov, 64), Baraboshkin (Karev, 64), Suleymanov (Khlynov, 74), Osnov (Sharkov, 46)
Yellow cards: Osnov, 45. Petukhov, 54. Suleymanov, 68. Petrov, 74. Stanilewicz, 88.
Referee: Ivar Orri Kristjansson (Iceland)
September 18, 2019. Leverkusen. Ulrich Haberland Stadium.

18 September 2019 17:03

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