Leonid Kuchuk: "We were well organized, it helped us win"

Leonid Kuchuk:
Lokomotiv's manager Leonid Kuchuk spilled the beans about how he chose his starting squad and advised the national team coaches to turn their eye on Dmitry Tarasov.

- Rubin is a well-organized team which they proved in the Europa League, - Kuchuk told a press-conference. - We paid much attention to today's game and won, first of all due to our own organization. It's always difficult to play here but when you always try to play your game the result is often worse that you expect. The first thing you should do is to cut your opponents' ways, and when I watched Rubin playing against Wigan, I knew how they would play against us.

During the week we had to solve both strategic and tactical problems. Everybody wants to play: Pavlyuchenko scores regularly, although gets not much of playing time, but N'Doye scores too. During the game we had to change the tactics a little bit and this is my professional secret, which is a part of our strategy.

I was not planning to change Diarra for Tigorev but Lass got injured. Nevertheless, when Yan appeared on the pitch, we managed to push the play away from our goal and score again.

Dima Tarasov plays well and in every game he proves his high class but the national team coaches have been turning a blind eye on this. I would advise them to review their policy towards him. Dima really improved and not because of me but because he wanted it himself. A coach just has to help, nothing else.

27 October 2013 16:47

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