High Tension

High Tension
Of those who took part in the recent league game in Kazan only Renat Yanbayev found his name on the starting list. A big part of the main squad remained in Moscow to get ready for the Sunday derby against Spartak.

Lokomotiv dominated throughout the first minutes as Rotor pulled back to their goal fearing to concede an early goal. Those few counterattacking attempts were successfully dismantled by a duo of central backs Taras Mykhalyk and Taras Burlak.

It wasn't easy for Lokomotiv to get past the hosts' overcrowded defence. The first opportunity came by the mid-half: Maksim Grigoryev crossed from the flank to Viktor Obinna who was running for an opener but didn't reach the ball.

This signaled to the Red-Greens it was the right time to push harder. Grigoryev received the ball in the center and passed to Miranchuk - the youngster couldn't work it. Soon Viktor Obinna could set up for Felipe Caicedo but failed to pass properly.

Closer to the mid-half Rotor managed to push the game away from their goal and even embarked on counter-attacking tactics. Although Yan Tigorev and Taras Mykhalyk stopped everything that could pose any threat to Kresic's goal.

Not long before the end of the half, Yanbayev could have become an assistant, his cross to Caicedo found the latter in front of the empty net but the Ecuadorian didn't reach the ball.

In the beginning of the second half Lokomotiv had two big chances to score. The visitors earned a free kick: Roman Shishkin crossed but the ball was blocked. Tigorev was first to pick it up, the midfielder took a shot and Pchelintsev had to try really hard to turn the ball behind. Soon Shishkin again tried his luck but only shook the woodwork.

An hour into the game Rotor managed a perspective long pass to Stavpets but Kresic ran out of the frame and was first on the ball.

During the game, almost every player in the pitch took part in an attack. Vitaly Denisov could have become an assistant if Obinna's shot was more precise. A couple of minutes later, Taras Mykhalyk went for glory from a distance but wide.

Fifteen minutes to the whistle, Roman Pavlyuchenko should have scored an opener. Aleksey Miranchuk passed to Denisov, the defender rolled further to the forward who took a shot from a very close range but Pchelintsev saved.

Soon Loko had another opportunity in a spectacular counterattack, but Caicedo's pass to Obinna failed.

The Railwaymen dominated during the last minutes when Pavlyuchenko managed a perfect long-range strike but missed just a little.

The teams went in for two extra halves. FC Rotor pushed for a cracker with impressive pressure on the Railwaymen's goal. The visitors were close to scoring but Taras Burlak cleared from the very goal-line. After that, the hosts pulled back and gave up attacking, investing all their efforts into massive defending.

A couple of minutes before the end of the second additional half, Lokomotiv besieged the opponents' goal. Shishkin crossed to the box where Denisov couldn't work the ball but rolled back where Pavlyuchenko and Caicedo failed to try their luck.

Then came the penalty shootout. Caicedo started, and failed to score taking a shot at the centre where Pchelintsev parried. Stavpets of Rotor made no mistake.

Pavlyuchenko was more confident than the Ecuadorian, and Kresic managed to parry Rotor's second attempt leveling the score. At this moment, Ozdoyev should have been luckier but Pchelintsev knew where to jump, and blocked the shot. Rotor's response was quick and effective, and the hosts took the lead again.

Burlak took the next shot and scored, but Ten outfoxed Kresic keeping the hosts' lead. Shishkin's attempt was also successful and now it was up to either Kresic's skill or Malygin's mistake. Kresic didn't save and Rotor go to the next leg.

Rotor - Lokomotiv 0:0. Pen. – 4:3

Penalty shootout: Caicedo (0:0, goalkeeper). Stavpets (1:0). Pavlyuchenko (1:1). Voidel (1:1, goalkeeper). Ozdoyev (1:1, goalkeeper). Kabutov (2:1). Burlak (2:2). Ten (3:2). Shishkin (3:3). Malygin (4:3).

Rotor: Pchelintsev, Guz, Ten, Lamange, Ustinov, Fomin, Pugin (Kabutov, 94), Rylov (Bairamyan, 73), Voidel, Lukyanovs (Malygin, 98), Stavpets.

Lokomotiv: Kresic, Shishkin, Burlak, Mykhalyk, Yanbayev (Denisov, 46), Tigorev, Ozdoyev, Obinna (Anton Miranchuk, 88), Aleksey Miranchuk, Grigoryev (Pavlyuchenko, 58), Caicedo.

Yellow cards: Obinna, 57. Fomin, 71. Anton Miranchuk, 104. Denisov, 105.

October 30. Volgograd. Tsentralniy Stadium.

30 October 2013 22:08

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