Roman Pavlyuchenko: "We were creative up front"

Roman Pavlyuchenko:
Lokomotiv forward Roman Pavlyuchenko has told the club press-service how the team managed to beat Lech Poznan, and how he finds his own play, and how it feels at the second training camp in Spain, after all.

- Congratulations, Roman! You won 3:1, which is pretty hard to do in-between constant practices. Can you call the start of the second camp a success?
- It's too early to make judgements. We have a lot to do. As for the game, I think the whole team worked well and did what the coach had said. This brought fruit.

- You scored and assisted. How did you like your performance today?
- Scoring goals is my job. If I scored it means I did everything right and I have to move on. On the whole, the guys were creative up front and made good passes and it secured a good result.

- What do you think of Lech?
- A good team who know how to play football. I don't know about their form right now, really, - our own form was our only prerequisite for the game. The coach showed me weak links in the Poles' defence which helped me find spaces.

- The first week of the camp is coming to an end. Do you feel ready for the championship?
- I wouldn't talk about it now, it's too early. We're in the middle of the way. I'm sure the coaches made right calculations and we are going to be in good shape by March. We're working a lot in a gym and do running exercises... It's hard but it's a training camp and we know that if we work well now it will be easier in the championship.

01 February 2014 16:07

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