Snow-Covered Draw

Snow-Covered Draw

Lokomotiv and Spartak shared points in the snow-covered Cherkizovo.

If in the middle of the week Moscow was covered with cold, then by Sunday the frost was replaced by snowfall. The employees of RZD Arena had to make red markings, and the referee took the yellow ball.

Teams were up to the game in non-optimal squads. Syomin left Ari on the bench, and Farfan didn't even make a squad list. Spartak came to Cherkizovo without Zé Luís and with a couple Maksimovich–Kutepov in the center of defense.

Despite the difficult weather conditions and a snow-covered field, teams were asking questions to each other in the game's debut.

Fernandes was the hottest player on the field in the first half. Manu managed to create moments, distribute assists, swear with Maximovich and very rigidly went into single combat. In the middle of the half, the Portuguese earned a yellow card, due to his tackle with Eshchenko.

Vladislav Ignatiev was the hero of the first half. Shortly before the break, Vlad handed out the most difficult ball from the empty goal after Samedov's shot.

Lokomotiv could score right after the break, when Fernandes responded to the Kolomeytsev's cross.

Both teams continued their unbeaten run. The gap between Lokomotiv and the second place is seven points.

04 March 2018 18:33

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