We squeezed them - Al. Miranchuk

We squeezed them - Al. Miranchuk

Lokomotiv midfielder Alexey Miranchuk expressed his thoughts after Zlin game, which saw Railwaymen progressed into knockout stages of the Europe League:


- You've bust your nose during the game. How did it happen?

- It's okay. I was kicked be the ball.

- Why Lokomotiv couldn't score for so long?

- Zlin were resisting, pressing, they played really hard. We have withstood this onslaught. In the second half, they had less power. We endured and squeezed them. Zlin's sent off played a role.

- Was it important to win the group in the Europa League?

- We always want to win and we want a 100% result.

08 December 2017 12:20

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