Guilherme Wants To Be Back

Guilherme Wants To Be Back

Lokomotiv goalkeeper Marinato Guilherme, who is currently on sidelines after he picked up an injury in a home clash vs Sheriff in the Europa League, told about his recovery and his desire to come back as soon as possible.


– Honestly speaking, I miss it. I badly want to come back on the pitch. Unfortunately, injuries happen. You have to be ready not just physically, but emotionally as well. I’ve been recovering from the injury for nearly a month now, everyone sees the progress, but I won’t play in this year. I’ll back prior to the winter training camp. 

– Were you nervous at the end of the game?

–  Very much so, yes. It’s difficult to watch the game from the stands. I’m really looking forward when I can finally play.

– You’ve been in Lokomotiv for ten years. Is it the best start in the league from your point of view?

– Yes. We’re not started good, we’re keeping this level up. 19 games ahead and we’re the first. There’re several reasons why we’re having a good season: players got used to Syomin - he's a tough coach and a direct person. The guys took time to understand how he builds the team, how he works. In addition, we have a great selection of players - Fernandes, Alexei Miranchuk, Anton's progress is significant. And you don't even need to say about Farfan.

– Does currently leadership adds nervousness?

– Yes. On the other hand, it motivates. It's easier to play when you're at the top of the table, but not on the seventh or eighth places.

– How not to lose your strengths during the winter break?

– It's a shame that we have a winter break. We'd love to play until the 30th round of the Premier League. On the other hand, Corluka, Ari will return in winter. We'll prepare ourselves for the rest of the season in a good manner.

– Lokomotiv is six points clear of Zenit in the Premier League. Do you follow your competitors?

– Yes. If you look at Spartak's games, they play just like last season, their champion season. And we face them just after the winter break.

02 December 2017 19:59

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