Ćorluka Is Close

Ćorluka Is Close

Lokomotiv's medical staff delivered some hopeful news on team's injury players.



There is a good progress in his recovery. Ari works with the team, however he has some limitations. Taking into account weather conditions in November and in December and short term of the postoperative period, Ari won't take part in coming games.

Marinato Guilherme

During the Sheriff game in Europa League, Guilherme suffered a quadriceps tendon injury. He'll return to the general group at January training camp.

Arshak Koryan

He'll return to the general group in the nearest future

Nemanja Pejčinović

He had minor problems with the knee joint. He's preparing for the Copenhagen game.

Maciej Rybus


During the Anji game in Russian Premier League, Rybus suffered semitendinous muscle injury. He'll miss about two weeks.

Vedran Ćorluka

He can help the team this year. The final decision will be made by the coaching staff. It's not excluded that his return to the general group will be in January.


He is preparing for the Copenhagen game.

21 November 2017 17:20

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