Pejčinović: This game was btutal

Pejčinović: This game was btutal

Nemanja Pejčinović summed up the match against CSKA.

- The game turned out to be brutal. Both teams understood what kind of match it was and how much victory meant in today's match. We played well before the first goal, but then we relaxed. The same thing happened in the Europa League. CSKA held the ball, we waited for a counterattack. It's good that we were able to equalize in the second half.

- Did you believe that you will back into the game after the missed penalty?

- We believed that we will score at least one goal.

- Should Wernbom have had a sent-off?

- The linesman said that there was a foul. If this is an elbow in the face, then the referee must show a red card.

- Are you satisfied with the draw?

- We could win, but considering how we played after Anton's goal, we can be happy.

- International break is to come. Will this pause be ok for Lokomotiv?

- We need to concentrate and have good last matches later this year.

05 November 2017 19:33

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