Alexey Miranchuk: We haven't done anything yet

Alexey Miranchuk: We haven't done anything yet

Lokomotiv midfielder Alexey Miranchuk tells about the victory over Zenit (3:0) in Gameweek 15 of the Russian championship.

- These are the positive emotions. Everyone is happy. I want to thank our fans for the support. We are working on. We haven't done anything yet. It's just the first leg of the tournament, a lot of work ahead. We have no euphoria after this win.

- What did Syomin say in the dressing-room?

- He corrected something in our play, but nothing special.

- Did you break the run of play due to your character?

- We played well in the first half but managed to score in the second, and it just rolled.

- You have notched a goal and an assist. Are you following your stats?

- Not really but I know them. I hear what people say and write.

- There's a Europa League game and a derby with CSKA ahead. Is it going to be easier now?

- It's always easier when you have positive emotions. We will prepare thoroughly. And again - thank-you to all the fans for their support.

30 October 2017 2:28

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