Lokomotiv Lose To Ufa

Lokomotiv Lose To Ufa

Lokomotiv suffer defeat to Ufa in Gameweek 13 of the ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship.

Farfan and Ignatyev didn't go to Ufa with the team. The latter caught a cold, and the former had just returned to Russia from Peru and didn't have time to recover from the long flight. On the other hand, Rybus made it to the list, and the young Roman Tugarev was registered for the game after showing outstanding performance at Kazanka.

The first half was classic. Both teams put a lot of effort, tried hard but play was poor in chances. The first one came on 5 minutes when Pejcinovic nearly touched the ball into his own net trying to cut a pass from Zhivoglyadov. Lokomotiv should have scored on 43 minutes when Fernandes found himself all alone in the penalty area but sent the bll wide from 11 metres.

The second half saw even more tackles, most of them won by both teams' defenders. The first mistake would make the game, and Ufa scored first. Igbun had been tearing our defences and finally got what he wanted. Silvestre found space at the far post, received a pass from jokic and scored.

Lokomotiv failed to equalize, and suffered their first away defeat this season.

ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship. Gameweek 13.

Ufa - Lokomotiv - 1:0 (0:0)
Goals: Igbun, 76

Ufa: Belenov, Alikin, Nikitin, Jokic, Sysuev (Zaseyev, 83), Vanek (Salatic, 83), Zhivoglyadov, Paurevic, Tumasyan, Stotskiy (Krotov, 92), Igbun
Lokomotiv: Guilherme, Fernandes, Pejcinovic, Tarasov, Eder, I.Denisov, V.Denisov, Rybus, Kverkvelia, Al. Miranchuk, An. Miranchuk (Koryan, 83)
Bookings: Igbun, 70. Tumasyan, 73. V.Denisov, 77
Referee: Alexey Sukhoy (Lyubertsy)
October 15, 2017. Ufa, Neftyanik Stadium.

15 October 2017 15:57

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