Youth Team Press Hard To Win

Youth Team Press Hard To Win

Lokomotiv have beaten Amkar in Gameweek 10 of the Russian Youth Championship, playing 11 vs 9 since the first half.

"You will like the lineup. We've got something for you" - head coach Alexander Katasonov would say before the game. And indeed, it surprized the supporters. Kochenkov, Lapshov, Lysov, and Dolgov, all representing the main squad and Kazanka, started the game. On the one hand, the mix brings class, on the other - await no mutual understanding on the pitch.
The game started with an early ejection. On 8 minutes, the referee flashed a red card before Guseynov for the professional foul at Chikanchi, and sent him off.

It looked like Lokomotiv would start dismantling Amkar right away but instead, it was the Perm side who scored first. Vazitdinov saw Kochenkov stepping too far away from the goal line and took a successful chip shot from midfield.

Both teams created almost no chances until halftime but Amkar were rough again and lost another man. Chukhlantsev wasn't at the peak of his politeness with Lapshov and was sent off, while our player got away with a booking.

In the second half Amkar pulled all boys back and had been defending successfully until Dorofeyev and Rubtsov stepped in. Nikita carried the ball to the edge of the box and made a through pass to Ilya who beat the keeper to score a leveler.
Soon Dorofeyev put Lokomotiv into the lead. The midfielder received the ball in the corner of the penalty area, turned around and blasted at the upper corner. This victory pushes Lokomotiv up the table to the 5th spot.

ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian youth championship. Gameweek 10.

Lokomotiv - Amkar - 2:1 (0:1)
Goals: Vazitdinov, 12 (0:1). Rubtsov, 78 (1:1). Dorofeyev, 83 (2:1)

Lokomotiv: Kochenkov (Lobantsev, 46), Magkeyev, Shigorev (Botaka, 46), Lapshov, Vulfov, Dolgov (Vagabov, 67), Rubtsov, Chikanchi (Ponikarov, 38), Lysov (Poyarkov, 46), Dorofeyev, Rybchinskiy (Sholokh, 94)
Amkar: Vambolt, Aleynikov, Milovich (Googe, 46), Guseynov, Vazitdinov, Mosunov, Zhukovskiy, Burkov, Filippov, Chukhlzntsev, Aushev
Bookings: Lapshov, 44. Aushev, 45. Botaka, 57. Vulfov, 71. Poyarkov, 78.
Ejections: Guseynov, 8. Chukhlantsev, 44.
September 17, 2017. Moscow, Sapsan Arena.

17 September 2017 19:00

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