Lokomotiv Let Go Win In Grozny

Lokomotiv Let Go Win In Grozny

Lokomotiv have conceded a late leveler from Akhmat in Gameweek 9 of the Russian championship and failed to top the table.

The championship games always go difficult after international breaks. Nine of Lokomotiv's top 11 players had been called up to their nationa teams. The first half was not too spectacular, though both teams set high pace from the very beginning.

Lokomotiv's new signing Eder started the game. The Portuguese tackled the opponents, fought for aerial passes but rarely actually got to the ball. Akhmat's defence worked effectively, didn't allow to pass the ball near the penalty area, and checked Eder every time the teammates crossed to him.

The first and only chance in the first half was created by the home team when Semyonov tried to head home off a corner but Guilherme parried it.

The second half was totally different. On 51 minutes Guilherme saw the ball behind the back after he collided with Mykhalyk and Mbeng, but the linesman had signalled the striker offside moments earlier.

The Railwaymen scored a legal goal in the very next offensive. Fernandes crossed the ball to Pejcinovic in the box, the defender was checked by Gorodov and Rodolfo, and the latter touched the ball home, scoring an own goal.

After this the pace encreased dramatically, and the tackles became fierce. Both teams' doctors ran pretty distances this day, offering medical help to their players. Soon the Railwaymen had a chance to convert another set piece into a goal. Mylhalyk sent the ball into the crossbar trying to finish off a cross from the corner of the field. Kverkvelia had a go in a follow-up attack but sent it to row Z.

Lokomotiv lacked just five minutes to claim three points. Ravanelli picked up the ball near the penalty area and blew it goalwards. Guilherme was distracted by a ricochet, and watched the ball sailing into his net. Our team picked up a point and are resting second in the table.

ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship. Gameweek 9.

Akhmat - Lokomotiv - 1:1 (0:0)
Goals: Rodolfo, 55 (o.g.), Ravanelli, 85 (1:1)

Akhmat: Gorodov, Rodolfo, Silva, Mohammadi, Semyonov, Mbeng (Sadaev, 59), Ivanov (Ravanelli, 82), Shvets, Utsiev, Berisa (Lima, 59), Mitrishev
Lokomotiv: Guilherme, Mykhalyk, Kverkvelia, Pejcinovic, Farfan, I.Denisov, An.Miranchuk (Barinov, 81), Fernandes, Ignatyev, Al.Miranchuk, Eder (Tarasov, 61)
Bookings: Lima, 66. Silva, 93. Semyonov, 95.
Referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (St Petersburg)
September 10, 2017. Grozny, Akhmat-Arena

10 September 2017 21:00

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