Youth Team Back In The Business

Youth Team Back In The Business

Lokomotiv's youth team have beaten Ural in Gameweek 8 of the Russian championship.

The youth team started the season amazingly but then a slight setback followed. Our team lost twice to Tosno and Spartak, and fell behind a group of leaders.

A game against Ural who still have not secured a single victory was a great chance to get back into the game.

Lokomotiv dominated in the first half. Muradov had a great chance, trying to net from a short distance. Vagabov and Koryan also had good opportunities but Ural held tight and ran on couters from time to time. On 24 minutes Lobantsev even had to do his best to save a shot at the near corner.

In the second half Lokomotiv started playing more actively and finally scored a goal. Rubtsov won the ball in the area and passed to Mironov who scored from ten metres. Ten minutes to the final whistle Rubtsov scored a second goal, saving Lokomotiv from a nervous ending. Lokomotiv's youth team have won and risen to the 5th spot on the table.

ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian youth championship. Gameweek 8

Lokomotiv - Ural – 2:0 (0:0)
Goals: Mironov, 65 (1:0). Rubtsov, 80 (2:0)

Lokomotiv: Lobantsev, Koryan (Zhurin, 46), Shigorev, Tarasov, Andryukhin, Stukalov, Vagabov (Tsallagov, 46), Koltyapin, Rubtsov (Sarkisyan, 92), Mironov (Shishchenko, 90), Muradov (Chyorniy, 57).
Ural: Timofeyev, Borovkov, Kochnev, Tatarinov, Gorin, Golubtsov, Berdnikov, Israelyan, Vlasenko, Kobzev, Shcherbakov
Bookings: Mironov, 90
August 25, 2017. Moscow, Sapsan Arena

25 August 2017 17:00

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