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Lokomotiv came back from 0:2 to beat Spartak 4:3 a red-hot Moscow derby.

Spartak made a bad start this season, winning only two games out of six. These were home wins, and the Red-Whites are extremely dangerous at their soil: 36 points in 12 last home games, a 100% result. On the other hand, Lokomotiv are difficult visitors for them, having lost just once in the last five fixtures.

"Counterattacks and proper finishing" - this was Yuriy Syomin's win recipe he shared shortly before the kickoff. The counters were there but finishing was failing.

Jeff Farfan had three opportunities but used none. In the first episode he tried to net off Miranchuk's cross, next time it was Rybus who delivered the ball, and had a go from the edge of the box after Tarasov left it there for him. But every time it was either Selikhov or defenders who got in the way.

On the contrary, Spartak capitalized on all chances they had. On 32 minutes we failed to check Promes and didn't cover Glushakov who opened the score from 10 metres.

Soon another simple attack by Spartak led to a second goal. Promes again was given too much freedom near the box and set up for Luiz Adriano who doubled the lead - 0:2.

However, Alexander Samedov brought the excitement back to the pitch. Minutes before half-time he earned the second yellow card for simulation and was sent off the field. Spartak were down one man.

Yuriy Syomin reacted with two half-time substitutions. Tarasov and Rybus were changed for Barinov and Anton Miranchuk - and it rolled! On 47 minutes Barinov headed the ball home off a corner kick by Fernandes.

After that Lokomotiv pushed Spartak into their box and besieged the goal. When it started to look like the Red-Whites withstood the pressure, Fernandes found Alexey Miranchuk near the far post with his pass, and the youngster levelled.

Four minutes to full time Farfan, Miranchuk and Kolomeytsev played a rapid counter-attack and the latter put Lokomotiv one goal up.

You could think the game was done, but far from it! In the stoppage time Fernandes dragged the ball onto Spartak's third and had a go with a spectacular long-range attempt for which Selikhov was not ready. 4:2!

But in the very next attack Promes scored again. 4:3, and Selikhov ran to Lokomotiv's box for the last corner but luckily for us, to no avail.

Lokomotiv have interrupted Spartak's winning streak of 12 games at their home soil and written history!

ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship. Gameweek 7.

Spartak - Lokomotiv - 3:4 (2:0)
Goals: Glushakov, 32 (1:0). Luiz Adriano, 44 (2:0). Barinov, 47 (2:1). Al. Miranchuk, 69 (2:2). Kolomeytsev, 84 (2:3). Fernandes, 91 (2:4). Promes, 92 (3:4)

Spartak: Selikhov, Yeshchenko, Kombarov, Bocchetti, Tasci, Samedov, Glushakov, Ananidze (Melgarejo, 46), Promes, Pasalic (Fernando, 73), Luiz Adriano
Lokomotiv: Guilherme, Barinov (Kolomeytsev, 77), Kverkvelia, Pejcinovic, Ignatyev, Tarasov (An. Miranchuk, 46), I. Denisov, Rybus, Fernandes, Al. Miranchuk, Farfan
Bookings: Samedov, 28. Al. Miranchuk, 59. Fernandes, 63. Ignatyev, 72.
Ejections: Samedov, 45.
August 19, 2017. Moscow, Otkrytie Arena.

19 August 2017 20:45

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