Victory, By Chikanchi

Victory, By Chikanchi

Lokomotiv have beaten CSKA in a derby of the youth teams.

In this game CSKA were obvious favourites. They have kept almost entire squad that won silver medals last season, while the Railroaders had to rebuild their team almost from scratch.

The worst started happening on 8 minutes when Alibekov finished off a corner. Nevertheless, our boys didn't stop fighting and gradually leveled play. In the middle of the half Ilya Rubtsov scored a spectacular equalizer. His first-touch kick sent the ball home via a bounce off the lawn, leaving the keeper gazing.

The second half started in the same manner. In the 8th minute of the half Tiknizyan broke through two defenders and sent it home. Lokomotiv again got back into the game by mid-half. Maksim Chikanchi came into the limelight after scoring a brace in 12 minutes. First he demonstrated fast thinking, scoring another equalizer from inside the penalty area, and then made a classy first-touch finishing after a rapid counter-attack.

3:2 - Lokomotiv won in a very important derby.

ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian youth championship. Gameweek 2.

CSKA - Lokomotiv – 2:3 (1:1)
Goals: Alibekov, 8 (1:0). Rubtsov, 27 (1:1). Tiknizyan, 54 (2:1). Chikanchi, 60 (2:2). Chikanchi, 72 (2:3)

CSKA: Ovchinnikov, Matviychuk, Alibekov, Stanisavlevich, Maklakov, Khosonov, Leonov, Pukhov, Gordyushenko, Tiknizyan, Zhamaletdinov
Lokomotiv: Lobantsev, Gyurdzhan, Koltyapin, Shigorev, Tarasov, Stukalov (Magkeyev, 65), Mironov (Gubochkin, 76), Muradov (Sholokh, 56), Chikanchi (Patsekin, 74), Rubtsov (Karapuzov, 55), Dolgov (Sarkisyan, 88)
Bookings: Chikanchi, 67. Tiknizyan, 91. Sarkisyan, 93.
July 21, 2017. Moscow, Oktyabr Stadium.

21 July 2017 14:06

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