Barinov And Galadzhan Sing New Contracts

Barinov And Galadzhan Sing New Contracts

Midfielder Dmitriy Barinov and striker Artyom Galadzhan have prolonged their deals with the club.

- Our two home-grown talents see their future at Lokomotiv and we are happy about it, - says President Ilya Gerkus. - We are not going to stop here, you will hear some more news soon. Dmitriy and Artyom are our hopefuls and have shown themselves as solid players. We wish the guys professional development and more goals.

- Of course, I'm very happy to sign this contract, - says Dmitriy Barinov. - It's a big step for me. I promise I will give of myself on the pitch and on practices, and be useful to my native club!

- I'm delighted to sign this agreement, - Galadzhan steps in. - I thank the management for their trust. I will try to be most effective. Lokomotiv is my home club and I want it always to be on top.

19 May 2017 21:18

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