Guilherme: Loskov is a great player

Guilherme: Loskov is a great player

Lokomotiv goalkeeper Marinato Guilherme has turned up at #OurCherkizovoLIVE show to tell how he felt about Dmitriy Loskov's farewell game.

- Loskov is the greatest player in the history of Lokomotiv. I'm proud I have managed to play with him. He brings us victories.

- When did you know he would play?

- During the pre-match gathering Mr Syomin said he would start.

- Did the victorious mood from the Cup Final help you this time?

- It's still there but the life goes on. It was an important victory but we have to get back to the championship.

- Are you in for the Russia national team?

- Sure. There are two games ahed, I'm going to play to 100% and show what I'm worth. I really want to get registered for the Russia team for the Confederations Cup. Besides, Tarasov and Miranchuk are in great shape. I think their chances to get a call are high.

- The last two weeks have been emotional.

- Yes, it's been a hard time. We lost to CSKA and Rubin but I'll be honest - we were only thinking about the Cup Final. We understood it's the most important game. And it's hard to find motivation for any game other than the Final.

- But is it easier to play after such victories?

- They give you confidence. Prior to the Final we were very strained, the responsibility was high. Now we are relaxed and just play football.

13 May 2017 22:47

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